Canon is REPLACING Mark IIIs for news agecies

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Re: With all due respect (I'm ...

J A K wrote:

not trying to start an argument here) I'd like to know if you have
data to back up your statement (4) below; if you do, great, I'd love
to know the source.

Very fair question, and you've caught me out. It's a statement that I've seen made many times, I've just checked several of them and none of them has cited their sources, so it must be counted as an opinion (albeit received) rather than a fact.

It isn't a big deal at all and I have no data to
back up what is merely an opinion on my part, but I would have bet
the VAST majority of 1DmkIII users are serious amateurs, not working
pros associated with the news services.

Yes, now you say it, it's interesting to speculate what the market share actually is. The spec of the camera is clearly driven by the requirements of working pros (anyone with another job simply will not get close to wearing out the shutter, or anything else). However, I think the market drivers are still the same - the market is shaped by the pro's. There must be very few amateurs that would not be as well or better served by a 40D or 5D, but, if your speculation is right, there are many who simply want the best, which means the same camera as the pro's use (you simply have to looka t the way the word 'professional' is used by marketing men). If the same camera as the pro's use is a Nikon, Canon lose a large slice of their market.

Anyway, thanks in advance
for your reply; I would really appreciate knowing what the right
answer is regardless of "what" the answer is.

Yes, I'd like to know too. I suspect that Canon (and for that matter Nikon) keep these figures quite secret.

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