Canon is REPLACING Mark IIIs for news agecies

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Re: Canon is REPLACING Mark IIIs for news agecies

On October 19, I received the following e-mail from Canon:

"My name is Ron and I am the supervisor of Canons e-mail support group
in Virginia. In conducting a review of e-mail responses to our
customers, I noticed that our recent response to you regarding your EOS
1D Mark III was not entirely complete, so I wanted to take the
opportunity to fully address your questions.

Not all EOS-1D Mark III cameras have issues with the sub-mirror
mechanism, and Canon USA is waiting for additional information from
Canon, Inc. regarding how affected models will be identified. Since we
do not yet have this information, at this time we cannot conclusively
let owners know if they have an affected unit. Also, since
environmental conditions, particularly higher than normal temperatures,
may increase the likelihood of unstable auto-focus prediction in AI
Servo mode, it may be difficult for owners to tell if their camera is
affected. So, given the situation, we anticipate that any EOS-1D Mark
III owner who is unhappy with the focus prediction performance will be
able to send in their camera for a no-charge evaluation and, if needed,
repair. As we do not yet have all of the required information from
Canon, Inc., this issue is difficult to fully explain via e-mail, but
rest assured we are going to take care of our EOS-1D Mark III owners.

Since your request also involved the calibration of multiple lenses to
your EOS-1D Mark III body, I will personally contact you when the repair
program is finalized, which should occur by the end of October, so we
can process your request. Our factory service team will get everyone
taken care of as quickly as possible, and your patience and
understanding is appreciated.

If at any time you need to contact me, you can reply directly to this
e-mail and it will be routed to my inbox."

Having heard nothing from Canon as of Nov 26, I sent Ron the following e-mail:

"I have heard nothing back from you, even though you said the repair program would probably be finalized by the end of October. It is now the end of November, without any word from you or Canon.

In the meantime, I understand that Canon is shipping new Blue Dot "fixed" cameras to its retailers. That concerns me greatly, as it demonstrates Canon is more interested in its own ongoing profits than it is in facing up to its mistakes and making good to its loyal customers. I believe I have been patient. I do not intend to continue sitting back and waiting for Canon to do the right thing.

I demand that you immediately arrange for my camera to be replaced at no cost to me with a new Blue Dot camera with properly operating sub-mirror assembly. I look forward to your immediate response."

I received no response to this e-mail, nor have I been contacted about scheduling the repair other than receiving the canned e-mail everyone received last week.

If Ron had not promised to "personally contact" me and failed to do so, I probably wouldn't have bothered with this post. But Canon promises ring hollow and I'm mad enough to go to the effort to make this public.

I'm sure the usual Canon fan-boys will be calling the a "cry baby" and all the other endearing names I was called when I complained in an earlier post about the way Canon has been handling this mess. I choose not to play in the sandlot, so I won't bother responding.

Needless to say, I'm not a news agency - just a consumer who has spent big bucks with Canon and (as with most other MK III owners) who, in my not-so-humble opinion, has not been treated very well by Canon.

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