A700 users, what are U not happy with?

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Re: Battery remaining in minutes not %

lonewolf69 wrote:

Shiuming Lai wrote:

Maybe it's an option I haven't found yet but I'd rather see the
battery remaining in minutes, just like previous incarnations of
InfoLithium, rather than a percentage.

Hi Shu,

IMHO, it would be helpful for video not still, maybe if the counter
said how many shots remaining...? That would be a bit better
comparison rather than minutes... Again only IMHO...

Ah yes, good points there guys. I always think of it like my car's trip computer display thing, I always have it set to real time miles per gallon, and driving a car can be unpredictable too (I kind of enjoy seeing the real time display, odd I know), so I just figured it would be handy to have the same in a camera regardless of live view or not... just a display of remaining time at the current usage rate . Well this is my first DSLR so there are still lots of things I'm not yet used to.

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