Anyone tried out the D3 with 28-70 already?

Started Dec 1, 2007 | Discussions thread
Uwe Skrzypczak Forum Member • Posts: 87
Re: Anyone tried out the D3 with 28-70 already?

I got my D3 and 24-70 on Friday, tried it out for a few shots on Saturday. First impression, the pictures are from a phase one 25 MF back. 24-70 has only a minimum of vignetting but absolut perfect sharpness. For me, the D3 is a revolution, i have never seen so clear shadows from a digital camera and so noiseless pictures. The camera is all over 4 Steps better than my D2X. Only the buffer capacity is a littlle bit small (18Raw), my be faster cards an new firmware in future will change it.

Greetings Uwe

Dont laugh about my english, i am a stupid german fotographer
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