Not for the faint of heart - DIY 350D backfocus fix

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Re: disagree...Re: do *not* try this in sensor-clean mode

EEEK! No, do NOT use mirror times out after a short while, and the mirror will slam back down.

I stand by using cleaning mode with fresh batteries...all the time in the world!


Colin Peart wrote:

If you don't want to manually hold the mirror up, you could use the
custom function mirror lockup mode -- that way the camera holds the
mirror out of the way, but the sensor is protected by the shutter.

Is there a similar screw to adjust the optical path through the
viewfinder? My autofocus is dead on, but I appear to have backfocus
issues if I rely on my eyes (aka manual focus). Mind you, despite my
testing with a focus chart, I still can't decide if the problem is
the camera, or my own eyes. At first I thought it was the camera,
but as I ran more tests, I got better at focusing it manually, and I
started to hit some right on... I plan on getting someone with
better eyes than me to check it out before I consider talking to
canon about it.. from what I can tell here, sending it for service is
a little hit-or-miss.

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