5 good reasons to prefer the D300 over 40D

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5 good reasons to prefer the D300 over 40D
  • image review

Wasn't one of the important reasons we went digital that we were immediately able to see the result? The image review on the D300 is so incredibly much better on the D300 that you have to see it to believe it.

Certainly the higher res screen is has something to do with it but it is just a small part of the whole "picture". The D200 with its equal resolution and smaller screen already beat th cr@p out of the 30D and 40D but the D300 simply rediculizes it.

Colors are much more accurate, contrast is clearky better but the most improtant thing is sharpness of the reviewed image. You can check the focus of the captured image as just as critically as on on a 24" monitor. You can magnify much further, the result is unbelievably much sharper and even the limitations of the very best lenses can be seen on the LCD.

Functionality is also better: the D300 offers you all the same functions in quick review mode as in playback mode, something that canon after all these years still seems not able to do.

Most funcions are better and easier implemented too. The most import one being the ability to zoom directly by one press of a button with perfect magnification on that part of the image under the applied AF point(D200 already had that feature)

  • AF system

Although the speed and accuracy of both systems is quite close, this is where the similarities end
Performance in low light and low contrast situations is definitely better.

Flexibility and functionality are much more elaborated and useful. Choice between realease and focus priority in all modes, peripheral points can also use assist points, subject recognition, large choice of patterns and superb field coverage just to list the most improtant ones

DSLRs and their users have become so critical on sharpness that AF finetuning has become a must for most lenses. D300 has it, with canon you have to go to the much more expensive professional series.

  • Metering system

The evalative metering of the 40D certainly works fine but in difficult scenes, Nikon's the matrix metering still works beter.

Digital is so crital: underexpose and you get too much noise, overexpose and your highligts are lost forever. Although it is also not infallable, the matrix metering seems to nail the correct exposure in a broader range of extremes.

You also have much more flexibility to correct the exposure yourself. Fine tuning in 1/6 stops and 2 levels of exposure correction that can work independently from eachother

  • flexibility

The possibilities to adapt the camera tou your own shooting style and technique is at an absolute pro level. The 40D does not bad in this regard either and it is a clear improvement over the 30D but it is still no match for the D300

Again: you have to go to the 1 series of canon to get a comparable level of customization and even then.

  • field image quality

Static image quality is on thing but the ability to make this work for you is something completely different. A picture must be sharp and correctly exposed, otherwise, you can have all the sensor quality in the world but your results will look lousy.

Not that the 40D isn't good, on the contrary, but it is just that in that department, the D300 is clearly better

The more flexible and fine tunable AF of the D300 will give you sharper results and its wider AF coverage and better functionality will give you more keepers.

The much better and more flexible ISO auto function will always give the optimal sensitivity for every picture without any fiddeling or user intervention: better have low iso shots than hig iso shots, nomatter what the noise performance of you camera is. The auto ISO function on the 40D on the other hand is a long overdue attempt but nothing more than that.

The matrix mertering can cope with a larger latitude of extreme scenes and still nail the exposure correctly.

These were the things that made it worthwile for me to switch to and stay with Nikon despite the very clear advantage of the canon sensors in the past. Now the sensor gap is gone but the field IQ Nikon advantage has not been reacted to by canon who had been lying on their lazy sensor superiority bums for way to long. Still, the 40D has its own strong merits and a plan on keeping mine for just a while longer, my lady who wants to be able to point and shoot wil certainly thank me for that.

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