Hot Shoe Cover for Canon Cameras

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Hot Shoe Cover for Canon Cameras

When I recently ordered two Hot Shoe Covers from Richard Franiec and asked about plans for a non-G version -- since it will fit the hot shoes of most (all?) Canon cameras -- he was kind enough to send me a non-G along with the original design. He hadn’t wanted to mention the non-G cover publicly until he was producing them -- he’s that sort of guy.

Here are photos of your camera (LOL) and how it looks with the two cover designs:

For me, the value of this tiny piece of well-designed and beautifully machined Delrin (I believe) is LOOKS.

If that sounds like a small, shallow thing, remember that we humans spend a lot of our time on earth in the pursuit of beauty in one form or another. For one thing, I don’t have to look at silver contacts anymore (keep in mind, I’m the kind of guy who puts black tape over “Canon” and “G9” on the front of my camera).

Other people might appreciate the fact it makes the camera fairly snag-proof when pulling it out of your field jacket or cargo pants. Or the fact that it keeps dirt off your contacts. But I go for looks first -- most men do.

Because this is my second post on a Richard product, I’ll insert a disclaimer here. Richard is not my brother-in-law. I only met him by email when I ordered the grip and black ring and thumb rest.

But before I fell into advertising, I spent sixteen years in manufacturing and I have an appreciation for craftsmanship. I also appreciate the lone designer who creates limited-run parts for specific niches. Richard is a classic example -- and he offers good service, as well.

For me, this is one of those details that completes the look of the camera. For you… well, I’ll leave it to you.

Richard does not have a website but responds well to email at or

And in case you haven’t seen the grip, you’ll find a thread here:

In that thread, I suggested a visit to Siegfried Seierlein’s website, but he’s currently revamping it and I couldn’t find the photos. Write Richard and he can give you the latest prices… and with such small parts, shipping costs are minimal.


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