1Ds Mark III - initial impressions, Part 1

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Bird in flight test results

Bill Hollinger wrote:

I am looking forward to your birds photos, and other insights you
discover and are willing to share here!

HI Bill,

I've done a few tests, and the results look good.

For these tests, I shot ISO 400 - which is higher than I would normally use - and a fairly high shutter speed. I wanted to see what the results would look like.

These were all with a 400 f/4 DO, AI-Servo, continuous shot, Aperture mode, shooting JPEG+RAW. AI-Servo is in default mode (I normally fiddle with focus functions, but again wanted to see what the defaults looked like).

The JPEGs are straight off the camera, not post processed or sharpened in any way. I'd normally use the RAWs, but this gives a good feel for the cameras' on-board JPEG compression.

A few observations.

  • I think this is a step up from the Mark II in AI-Servo mode. I got a few shots I'd be probably even keep, despite the intention just being a set of test shots.

  • There were a reasonable number of out of focus shots, but that is mostly the lens - the 400 DO focus is not all that quick, and I was shooting full focus range.

  • With the kite-surfing, after 3 or 4 continuous shots in succession, it seemed to focus slightly to the foreground. It might have been water spray it was trying to track though, and remember I was using the default functions.

Anyway, here we go.

If you want to see the original JPEGs, they are at http://www.pbase.com/sns/research/1dsmkiii

These little guys are fairly fast, and it did a good job tracking.
100% crop, no sharpening applied:

Overview of original:

This gull was jinking around like mad to escape his mates after his dinner, so it was a tough focus challenge, with a distracting background. Slight back focus, but pretty good. Even a mild sharpen brings this image up quite well.

100% crop, no sharpening applied:

Overview of original:

This is a good example of 400 ISO in shadow. It could have done with +1 EV, I had +1/3 dialed in and it was not enough. But it is a good look at the 400 ISO quality in shadow areas.

100% crop, no sharpening applied:

Overview of original:

I still find it hard to predict which AF points the camera is going to use, but it certainly delivers.



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