FRUSTRATE with NX - Just got my D3 and used my D200 for today's gig.

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FRUSTRATE with NX - Just got my D3 and used my D200 for today's gig.

I was very fortunate to receive my D3 last night. Spent a few hours getting comfortable with my new tool in preparation for a photo shoot this afternoon. But after spending more time with Capture NX v1.3 (I’ve been playing with NX for a few months), I just can’t see using it to edit and process large quantities of images. So, after laying down a hefty sum of cash for the D3, I ended up using my D200 for the photo session (of course the D200 is an excellent camera).

Frustrating? To say the least!

I only shoot NEF and have spent a few months with NX, but the workflow I've built with Capture v4.4 just can’t be reproduced in NX. Having a D2hs and D200, there were only a few “real” reason to spend the cash on a D3. The low light/high ISO is simply amazing.

BUT, I have an issue managing large volumes of images with NX. For example, this afternoon I took over 800 frames. Using NC v4.4, editing, cropping and batching is not only easy and fast, but while batching, each image processes in less than 5 seconds. Even less when using my D2hs (D2hs NEF is 4MP and the D200 NEF is 10MP).

Batching a set of D3 images took almost 20 seconds per image. Just way too much time! Also, cropping an image is much easier in NC v4.4. When copping in NC, you always have the copping outline around the image. Not with NX. Overall, editing an image with NX is just a lot of clicks. (Though I’m sure with any new software, you get better as you use it).

I can go on and on, but there are many threads showing frustration with NX. It’s VERY clear the developers who wrote NX were not photographers, especially a photographer who shoots for a living.

But now I own a $5,000 camera that is just amazing, but not sure how I’m going to move forward its images.

Thanks for listening.


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