Not for the faint of heart - DIY 350D backfocus fix

Started Dec 1, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Not for the faint of heart - DIY 350D backfocus fix

I've done this to ultra fine tune a 350,400,30D and 5D, all with fantastic results. It makes a huge difference in sharpness to have the camera focus tweaked.

Some say it's dangerous, or isn't really adjusting the correct thing, and it will be out of alignment. My experience has been that every camera has come out of the procedure a much better camera...never have any of the focus points been mis-aligned. Once tweaked, all lenses worked very well!

The 40D no longer has this option. It took me 3 40D's to find one that was a great focuser out of the box like my other cameras were able to be after tweaking.


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