I'm mad as a hornet...

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I'm mad as a hornet...

Which isn’t surprising considering I am a hornet…

What’s annoying me is having some buffoon fire a flash in my face without any warning. Plus, he blind-sided me. I was so busy admiring the ST-E2 wireless transmitter on top of his G9 -- and looking at my gorgeous reflection in the glass mounted on his Lensmate -- that I didn’t see the 550EX just overhead.

So now I’ve got this goofy surprised look on my face that’s not at all my suave self.

He showed me this second photo later, and he did use a 16-bit RAW conversion to give me a little depth, and he did duplicate the resulting layer, set Mode to Multiply and Opacity to 20%, and he did finally run Shadow/Highlight at 0% shadow and 30% highlight to knock down the glare off my hard candy shell a little, but still... would it have hurt him to say, “Excuse me, I’d like to take your photo”?

He’s just lucky I was half-blind there for awhile. Ok, I’m finished with my little rant now, so I’ll let him speak…

Mark Plonsky can relax… it may be an eye-popping photo according to one source, but there’s really nothing incredible here, just my first macro with the G9.

I was watering the plants when I spotted this little whiner. Ran upstairs to get my camera bag, ran down to make sure he was still there, rummaged through the bag, ran back upstairs to get the wireless transmitter (which is in my bag about 99% of the time, but not today), screwed two Canon 250D Macro Lenses onto the Lensmate (total +8 diopters), and took 10 shots.

He was a little agitated so these are the only two shots that are worthwhile (and then only with a hornet’s-view narration).

ISO80, aperture priority, f/8, external flash, 1/60th of a second. Post-processing also included a little Noise Ninja to smooth the already-quite-smooth background, and some very mild sharpening after resizing.

No, unfortunately, I didn’t take a normal macro of him -- I was too busy doing head shots (if you have diopters, your first thought is to use them). But for the record, he was nearly 2 inches long (5cm).


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