Fault with R7 - anyone seen this

Started Nov 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: R7 versus TZ3


Since the R6 came out I have had it 24hr in my pants right side pocket in one of these nice Australian neoprene skin bags (ebay) that fit like a glove together with one of these little packs of moisture absorbing pearls (because most damage in electronics comes from corrosion) and the camera worked beautifully and without problems all the time.

It is a great camera that I absolutely love and it makes great pics (and I rarely get enthusiastic about anything ... ).

I have been in a lot of forums and it seems that people most often turn to these forums when they have problems, so that is what you should expect to see: People looking for help with their probles. It is completely natural and one must be careful to judge the build quality from these posts.

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