D300 noise and Capture NX

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Re: D300 noise and Capture NX

I have a lot of experience now with both ACR and Nikon Capture 4.x through NX 1.3.

Both tools have their uses, pros and cons.

The biggest con of Capture is its speed. The program is simply ridiculously slow, as a software developer myself, I can't fathom how the creators of this program can look themselves in the mirror.

I have a dual core 2.8 Ghz machine w/2Gigs of RAM and that simply is not enough to work at a resonable pace w/Capture NX.

Another negative of Capture NX is its goofy UI, the program isn't exactly easy to use and could really stand some improvements from the likes of the guys at Adobe.

But, and its a big but, I have not yet come across any other RAW processing software that is able to do a superior job to converting NEF files than the Nikon Capture programs. I believe that this is simply a result of the software developers having a direct line to the guys who built the Nikon camera hardware. Noise control, white balance and color processing in Capture work very very well.

I have used ACR for upwards of 90% of my RAW conversions though. For non-challenging photos, or things that aren't going to be used as artwork, ACR has done the job for me most of the time. Speed was the main reason for using ACR most of the time. I've only done a few D300 conversions with ACR so far but I didn't notice anything particularly worse about them then when I was converting D200, D40, D1x, or D100 files.

Remember that you can calibrate ACR for your particular camera to give yourself a bit of a head start in converting the RAW images.



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