D300 noise and Capture NX

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Re: D300 noise and Capture NX

Threads like this are very interesting to people like me who are new
to PP. In my own experimentation I have seen a dramatic difference
between my D300 NEFs viewed in Capture NX vs ACR. However I'm not
sure yet how much of that difference is just because ACR ignores the
in-camera settings (Picture Control, Active D-Lighting, etc).

I'm very interested in knowing more specifically "how" NX is "better"
than ACR at processing NEFs from the new cameras. Note, I'm not
questioning your statement, just wanting to learn :).

I'd like to learn more too, as so much has changed with the new cameras. All you need to do is take a look at some D3/D300 raw files before conversion. There's a lot of noise visible and some lenses, like the 14-24, show disturbing amounts of CA. The NX converted files or JPEGs look completely different; pristine and clean. ACR converted images are lacking in comparison. It's obvious that Nikon is doing some pretty sophisticated image correction in hardware (JPEGs) or in software (via NX), that goes far beyond simple raw conversion and noise control.

I think Nikon has just introduced the next evolutionary step in digital camera image correction and I would imagine other camera manufacturers will follow suit soon. Sort of like DSP technology for image correction.

The only concern I have is that this new image-correction technology will be proprietary to camera manufacturers, which in turn means a reluctance or refusal to share their technology with third party raw converter developers. It may mean that in the future we'll have to use the camera maker's software if we want to get the most out of our images.

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