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Re: (PIC) Mike and Nadine wedding story

miketuthill wrote:
Hi Bob,

BobNL wrote:

Hi Mike, I think a few did but that doesn't matter. The question is
more what do you want out of a wedding and how do you shoot? If you
have the cam on continuous and just fire away to pick later... then
forget about sd14... If you are keeping your eyes open and try to
snap at the right moment. Then sigmas can do a great job. Of course I
would like to see a few things changed too. Wake up time can be
better, slightly deeper buffer would be nice. And some better high
iso performance would be great. But for the portrait sessions and
such the camera is perfect. Will it make a differnce shooting with
two? I don't think so... We shoot with 2 to get different kind of
shots, not as back-up. Although it worked like that once or twice

Just in general, you need to know your gear before doing any wedding!
Whether it is a Sigma, Nikon, Canon or $200 P&S! And for weddings
more than one body is a necessity!

Would I advice a SD14 for a wedding shooters? Sometimes yes,
sometimes not. Is SD14 a wedding camera? For some it is, for some it
is not... That was why I stayed out of the initial debates... It is
not about the camera, it is about the photographer!

Well you certainly know more about it than I do so I can't really
disagree with anything you've said and whole heartedly agree that the
Sigma is ideal for the portrait/posed shots. The only high volume
wedding photog I can recall reading here was Chris Austin who, if I
remember correctly, defected to the Canon camp (well there was also
goactive but he may not have tried for long enough). I wonder if the
expectations are different for north american weddings? They all
seem to be Hollywood productions these days with video in addition to
photos and many of the wedding portfolios I see on the net are
comprised of hundreds of shots. I can see the Sigma having problems
with these volumes. I suppose it's also conceivable that the photogs
take all these shots for the eternal reason "because they can":-)

Hi Mike,

I think you are right with your "because they can". The volume I shoot for a complete day coverage (shooting alone) is between 500 and 1000. This includes reportage and formals. Out of that most of time about 350 shots are selected. For the story 50 to 100. Always thought that was high volume :D, I know better now. Goactive talked about several 1000s... I would go totally crazy in postproduction. If that volume is required than the Sigma can't keep up, although using med size might get you pretty far...

Cultural difference is indeed also a very important point. For instant in certain Asian parts the portraits are done months in advance so they can present a book on the wedding day itself... So time and speed is much less of an issue Europeans have probably very different wedding coverage expectations from North Americans...

And in the end, it is just a tool that gives you possibilities. Use from it what you need. If it doesn't bring what you need, take another tool. I want a special feel in my shots and don't need the speed that much. I get by with the SD14 for weddings. But who knows, it might change if new tools come available.

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