D300 noise and Capture NX

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Re: D300 noise and Capture NX

LSR wrote:

therefore your point is pointless.

I love it, LOL :-). I want to print this quote and frame it, he he he

But to a more serious reply:

Nikon conversion software has traditionally been one of the better
raw converters for NEF files. Not in terms of interface, speed, etc.,
but in terms of total image quality. Other's have preferred ACR or
other third party software. That was then.

All that has changed with the introduction of the new cameras. NX is
it if you want to get the quaility the new cameras are capable of.
ACR may catch up at some point. It would depend, I guess, on Nikon
and how much technology they're willing to share with third party

Threads like this are very interesting to people like me who are new to PP. In my own experimentation I have seen a dramatic difference between my D300 NEFs viewed in Capture NX vs ACR. However I'm not sure yet how much of that difference is just because ACR ignores the in-camera settings (Picture Control, Active D-Lighting, etc).

I'm very interested in knowing more specifically "how" NX is "better" than ACR at processing NEFs from the new cameras. Note, I'm not questioning your statement, just wanting to learn :).

Are there any specific examples I can look for, aside from just causally eyeballing the images, to see the differences you mention?

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