D300 noise and Capture NX

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Here's a note to Phil!

Don't compare D300's RAW to others with ACR!!! Instead, use the best converter for each camera (Capture NX for D300, DPP for 40D, etc.) for a fair comparison.

mink70 wrote:

Hi folks--

I just got the D300 after nearly four years with an Olympus E-1,
(which was and is a wonderful camera in its way) and I'm thrilled
with the quality of the images. I have one question specifically
about noise: the JPEGs straight from the camera shot at ISO3200, with
high ISO NR set to "low," look very detailed and sharp with extremely
mild and unobtrusive noise. But when I open the NEF file of the same
image (I am shooting RAW+JPEG) in Photoshop CS3 with ACR, the noise
is overwhelming. All the noise reduction available in ACR could not
get the image to look as good and smooth as the JPEG. I tried the
same experiment in RAW Developer, which produced better tonality and
color but still couldn't touch the out-of-the-camera JPEG. Finally, I
fired it up in Capture NX, but found that I hate the interface and,
on my dual G4 Mac with a gig of RAM, the software ran unbearably
slow, slower, in fact, than any program I have tried. Sadly, the
image looked great in NX, just as it did out of the camera. Does
anyone know of any other RAW developer except for Nikon's that
retains the D300's in-camera settings and allows for the same kind of
low-noise yet sharp images? I suppose there's a connected questions
about color accuracy that's being asked, too.

Thanks in advance,

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