D300 noise and Capture NX

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Since ACR and Lightroom kind of manipulate JPEGs/Tiffs as well as RAW, perhaps the days of preferring RAW as the gold standard may pass. For years RAW was king, but that may become vestigial.

nimix wrote:

I have the same experience:
I hate Capture for it's user interface, but love it for it's image
I love Adobe Lightroom for it's UI and hate it for it's IQ.

When I work with Capture NX I run out of the room screaming after 30
A saboteur from Canon could not have made a better job to create a
really bad UI for capture that drives users crazy. (don't laugh, it's
no joke)

What I need is Adobe Lightroom with the RAW engine of Nikon Capture NX.
Especially noise is 2 stops worse in Lightroom and you have to turn
wheels for 10 Minutes to get the same results as out of cam jpgs.
I could live with the lower speed of Capture, because it saves
settings in the NEF file and not in an external database.

I think the bad IQ and the high noise of ACR ist the reason why Nikon
gives away Capture NX for free with D3 and D300. Otherwise nobody
would buy Capture and Nikon would keep the bad image for "noisy

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