NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: Re-edited for color correction

Clearly we're not going to agree lol, but i really don't see what you mean; all i see in your shot is extremely high noise reduction - whereas in mine i can still see individual hairs on the subjects head - something that has been reduced to a brown blur in your shot (though i realise they have very little hair, so this is a flawed comparison).

You say i can't be critical since i don't know how hard it is to shoot under those lighting conditions - but i'd say i have a fare idea to be honest; the lighting after all is likely to be very consistent (since you're indoors), meaning you can simply put your camera on manual and you're good to go for the entirety of the game (please correct me if i'm wrong - ie. if the light was actually changing).

However, i'm not being critical of your photography skills - technically you've exposed the shot very well. The point i'm picking up on is simply how the noise reduction seems (to my eyes) give it an unpleasant look.

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I've got my own darkroom in West Wales, thank you very much. Get your own.

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