2690WUXi and LUTs (I wish Will from NEC would see this)

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Re: 2690WUXi and LUTs (I wish Will from NEC would see this)

Carl Robitaille wrote:

That's what I don't understand. Is there a paper somewhere that I can
read to understand what makes it complicated to do so? Without
knowing the internal workings of the programmable LUT and SpectraView
II, I think it's safe to say that the LUT is basically a mapping of
2^24 -> 2^36, mapping 8 bits RGB inputs to 12 bits RGB outputs.

Not quite. It is three 1D (red, green and blue) 8 bit (2^8) in by 12 bit out (2^12) LUTs.

sRGB is essentially (totally?) a subset of aRGB, why can't the LUT be
filled with colors matching sRGB (as close as possible of course) and
using only a subset of the gamut available?

Because 1D LUTs can't map colors in the way necessary to manipulate one gamut into another. That requires a 3D LUT or sophisticated dynamic color processor.

A true 12 bit 3D LUT would need (2^12)^3 = 68719476736 entries.

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