NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: NEC 2490WUXi rocks! sRGB looks great.

Hi Will,

Thanks again for the great info you provide here.

Will49 wrote:

The sRGB mode is not calibratable on either models (it's a factory
preset). However since the 2490 is basically an sRGB gamut monitor,
you can calibrate the monitor in it's Programmable mode to sRGB's
white point and gamma, and it will result in a "calibrated sRGB

Cool, that's what I wanted.

If your applications in Linux are all assuming an sRGB monitor, then
yes this would pretty much work, even though you aren't able to
install a color profile on Linux.

My understanding is that, if no profile is used (on Linux or otherwise), sRGB is the prefered choice so that the content is displayed correctly everywhere (w/o profile attached to the file of course).

I know it's not ideal for printing, and I would have gone for a wide gamut monitor if the sRGB mode was better. I'll consider one when color management is used in all the apps and OS I use. Until then, what I need is a calibrated sRGB monitor.

As long as you are using DVI (digital) video, then you can do this,
since the calibration is stored in the display, not the video card.
If you are using analog video you will have less accurate results.


Thanks for the link. For whatever reason, it didn't show up in my searches. I'll have one last question that I'll post in the other thread.

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