Results from 12 - 14 Bit Challenge

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Re: Results from 12 - 14 Bit Challenge

nawknai wrote:

Fantastic. Great effort. I also appreciated that you posted photos
A-1 and B-1 for me, since I feel it's more representative of what a
person "could" do (although they'd be a bad photographer to
underexpose by 3 stops).

Anyway, I guessed that A was the 14-bit image (and I never bothered
trying to guess C and D because I didn't have time), but this was
only a guess. I checked the darkest parts of the image, looking (and
expecting) a bit more shadow detail in these areas, and found a very
VERY slight difference in the pixels of the image. This is the kind
of difference that can be attributed to statistical fluctuation more
than anything else. I even went so far as to look at 2:1 and 3:1,
just for the same of comparison. Nothing. The fact that I said
photo A was 14-bit was, I admit, luck.

There's no point shooting 14-bit. To be honest, I never would have
shot at 14-bit anyway, regardless of the result. I'm happy shooting
at 12-bit.

Thanks again.

I would have definetly used 14 bit if it had added 3D and sound.


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