Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Just a pity, thought, that...

PerL wrote:

photo nuts wrote:
In this analysis the D3 tops every quality parameter regarding
quantum efficiency, light collecting ability, etc.

...That is at ISO400. As wel all know, that will substantially change as you move along the ISO scale. As an example, the 5D tops out at 80K electrons (quite more than the D3 at its baseline ISO200 speed) at ISO100, while the 1D2/N tops out at 80K electrons at ISO75 (quite more than D3 at its max. reading at ISO200) which you access by setting CF for ISO expansion and dialing in a permanent -0.3EV E.C.).

Also interesting
to note is that the D300 seems to be a 1/3 stop more sensitive than
the 40D, it has been the other way around before.

...A pity that both D3 and D300 will not be able to be used on AstroPhotrography, though, because they kill/wash the RAW file on long-time exposures, and they also clip the blacks. Now, if Nikon decides to add parameter on C. Functions, for inhibiting such cheating, then it would be a WHOLE different story.


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