Results from 12 - 14 Bit Challenge

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Results from 12 - 14 Bit Challenge

Thanks to everyone who participated. Here are the numbers I got when tallying the picks.

A - 13
B - 6

So by a two to one margin people though A was the 14 bit file and indeed it was.

C - 7
D - 8

Clearly this one was harder to tell which isn't surprising due to more data being available on the highlight side (i.e. exposing to the right). The 14 bit file on this one was D.

I have one more sample to share but this time I'll tell you which is which up front. In this case I wanted to see what would happen if I took a scene with both deep shadow and blown highlights and see what could be done. Once again I think this exceeds what I would ever do to a real photo but it is illuminating.

In this one, I kept the exposure fixed but used the recovery (i.e. highlights), and fill light (shadow) sliders to dig deep into the shadows and recover as much of the blown highlights as I could. The shadow recovery was roughly equivalent to a +3EV boost and the highlight recovery was approximately -1EV.

First the before and after histograms:

Here is the scene as shot:

Adjusted 12 bit file:

Adjusted 14 bit file:

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