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Re: Looks like Watercolor,

Jason Shaffer wrote:

too much NR. Was that from the camera, or was some NR done in post?
I'm interested in how well Nikon's new cameras are doing in the ISO
realm, they are supposed to be much better. But based on that
real-world result, I may be sticking with Canon for the time being.


Just to let you know, this is not a flame post or troll post, I have
a genuine question. Thanks.

Jason, I've used the 30D in this very same gym and I can tell you it would not have come close to this... nor would have the D200. No flame, just fact. I don't know what the previous poster did to his excellent shots, but I had the NR set to Normal on mine. I didn't try OFF due to my late arrival and the hurry to get the tipoff (which I missed). And then just kept shooting and just forgot about the High ISO NR setting.

Some of my ISO3200-5000 shots with the NR set to normal do look like the 1600's I got with the 30D though... same plastic look.

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