NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

ralphcramdon wrote:

Beau Long wrote:

ralphcramdon wrote:

yes it's very tuff for everyone but it's about to get alot easier (D3
& D300)
it's very unlikely you needed iso3200 for a college game...i can get
by w alot less for hs

this was shot 2 weeks ago w/ a d200 + sigma 30 1.4 at f2, iso560 and
1/400....i bounced an sb800 off the wall behind me.....i'm really
waiting for a d3 so i can stop using flash for bb

Great exposure Ralph! I had read about the wall bounce for goal
shots, but always find myself away from a wall! LOL

Anyway, yes, 3200 was needed. If the light were any better, trust me,
I would've utilized faster shutter at a lower ISO. I'm no seasoned
full time pro, but I do appreciate available light to know when I can
take advantage of it. My whole mind set at this first game with the
D300 was to see if I could reasonably leave the 1.8 fixed lenses in
the bag and utilize the flexibility of the 2.8 zooms. I'm quite
impressed with the D300's ability to let me do this. The D3 would be
a dream...

what ss were u after ?
the lights there must really suck to need 3200

Yes, they are the worst I've seen. It is literally only bright in the middle and falls off to both ends and sides. They really need to overhaul the set up. They go from a bright yellow in the middle to a yellowish brown at the ends. That's why I'm usually the only bug in there. Even the school AI said his people don't even try anymore. No excuses. I got what I could and don't expect anyone that hasn't been there to appreciate. All is good on my side. The players and school media are very happy. That's what counts. If anyone would like to join me on my next outing there, I'd be happy to let you tag along... Hartsville SC.

I got 320-400 at 3200... I would've liked to get 500+. The D200/30D was lucky to get 300ish with 1.8 and 1600. 3200 was a no go with those bodies in there.

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