NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

Im sorry also but this looks very plastic in my opinion and what Im also finding with the D300. I have done some serious evaluating of my gear over the last couple of days. Simply love the D200 but hate that cannot do low light.

I need a camera that will perform in low light and give crisp images. I have already taken one D300 back due to not being sharp and exposure issues.

To the poster take several shots around the house with ISo 1600 and 3200 and post here what your getting. I havent had time to do with second D300 but the first all look like the shot you posted from the beginning.

I have to side with the Canon guy on this one. I have seen alot better low light pics with MUCH more detail from the Canon 40D vs the D300 so far. The D300 that I used produced muddy looking pics lke this and the Canon shots look alot more alive than plastic. It doesnt come down to a flame war, but comes down to what really looks better.

This weekend Im going to be shooting football at a night game. If the D300 doesn't perform and pics look like your first one its going back hands down. We have all defend Nikon against Canon and other makers for a long time. Im tired of all that. Canon has been in the market of CMOS alot longer than NIKON and also has had better low light pics than Nikon longer. If they can do it better in my testing IM jumping ship. Sorry.
Im loyal to Nikon till proven otherwise

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