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This, no doubt, is a great product. Unfortunately, the documentation
is the most incompetent and poorly writen I've seen in the last 15
years as a technology journalist. It suffers from the "written by
engineers for engineers only" syndrome. And that's being charitable.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and program documentation is no exception. I hear from a lot of people about how good the documentation is, particularly the learn by example section and "getting familiar" section. Most programs these days don't even honor the F1 key to give you help on features you are using and very few give real world examples so I think we're ahead of the game in Qimage. Whatever you build, there will always be some who don't like it. That's just human nature.

I want to print one image from a PSD file. That's it. No multiples of
anything. From an 18" wide roll, I have defined a page size of 18"W x
14"H. The software says my page is 17.606" x 13.600"; no doubt
attributable to the printer's non-print area.

Challenge: I want to print one image measuring t 11" high by whatever
the width works out to be based on the aspect ratio.

Can someone a whole lot smarter than I am lend a few pointers? Coffee
is on me.

Think of the sizes (width and height) as bounds: sizes that cannot be exceeded. When you turn crop off (scissors icon not highlighted on the main window), Qimage will automatically calculate one dimension. With crop turned off, now you only have to decide whether you want Qimage to calculate the long side of the print or the short side. I think the first one below (calculate the long side) is what you are after. For both of these below, we specify the size by dropping down the size on the main window, selecting "Custom" and then checking "Specific Size". Also make sure the crop button (scissors icon) is off: not highlighted so that Qimage will auto-size the print instead of cropping it to the size you specify.

(1) Calculate the long side: to specify the short side of the print and have Qimage calculate the long side, all you have to do is enter the short side (size) and basically enter an unbounded number for the other size. For example, you could enter 100 as the width and 11.2 as the height. That tells Qimage that the long side basically has no bounds but the short side should be 11.2 inches. Qimage will tell you that the size is larger than one page and will ask if it is OK to span more than one page and make a poster. If you answer "No", Qimage will make sure that your print fits on one page. I assume that's what you want here. Of course, if you don't want Qimage to ask the question about spanning more than one page, you could always enter 17.606 as the width (the longest edge of your papers printable area) and 11.2 as the height. That will ensure that the longest side will not exceed the longest side of your paper's printable area.

(2) Calculate the short side: to specify the long side of a print and have Qimage calculate the short side, simply enter the same number twice. For example, in your case you'd enter 11.2 x 11.2 as the size. That tells Qimage that the longest side will be 11.2 inches and the short side must be 11.2 inches or smaller.

I plan to add a "calculate one side" option under the custom sizing menu in the future, but once you get the concept of bounds per the above, it should make sense.

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