NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

Beau Long wrote:

ralphcramdon wrote:

ouch, that's terrible, sorry

Thanks! Care to post something you've done in a similar sitch? Teach me.

Seriously... all you sports shooters please post your results from HS
gyms. I've seen little to no sports action from similar situations on
this forum. A little arena lit bball and good light stuff, but hardly
any Friday night HS football or HS gym shooting. Is it this tough for

yes it's very tuff for everyone but it's about to get alot easier (D3 & D300)

it's very unlikely you needed iso3200 for a college game...i can get by w alot less for hs

this was shot 2 weeks ago w/ a d200 + sigma 30 1.4 at f2, iso560 and 1/400....i bounced an sb800 off the wall behind me.....i'm really waiting for a d3 so i can stop using flash for bb

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