D300 lens AF fine tuning is FANTASTIC!!!!!

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Re: amen on the focus dot for MF lenses and support for more than 12

Are these adjustments needed because the lens is slightly out of focus or the camera? I plan on having 2 D300 bodies and was wondering if it's the lens then can I adjust both bodies the same and have them consistant between all the lenses I use?

Also does it recongize the specific lens or just the model of lens? Say I'm shooting a wedding with an assistant and we are both using D300s and we have two 17-55 lenses and they are calibrated for a particular body, if we swap lenses will the settings be applied to the new lens or will it be seen as an uncalibrated lens?

I can see where if you have multiple lenses of the same make/range or multiple cameras you might have a problem switching them up.

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