Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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John, have you seen this?

Here is a quick summary of the results:

1) The read noise gives a slight edge to the D300 (using extrapolation means... see point 4) at ISO 200, while at higher ISO the 40D has an increasing advantage, up to about 1/4 stop at ISO 1600. Neither camera exhibits significant pattern noise (banding) in deep shadows.
2) Dynamic range values for the D300 are comparable to those of the 40D.

3) D300 sensor has the same quantum efficiency as the 400D, and only slightly behind that of 40D.

4) Nikon clips the black end of the spectrum in the D300 well before zero signal, thereby distorting the noise spectrum in deepest shadows. This precludes any direct measurement of the read noise. The nonlinear distortion of deep shadows in D300 raw data by clipping means that it will be a poor choice for astro-photography, or any application where pulling weak signals out of the noise in at low illumination levels is of importance.

Of course, the above link also shows the superior quantum efficiency of the D3 sensor and the poor performance of the D200/D80/D40x sensor.

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