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Re: I hope you are right.

In my neck of the woods if you build a subdivision , you have to contribute XX% of land to the local government for "Parkland" The "Government" then wait a couple of years and then split it up into building lots and sell it. If you buy a lot for commercial development you have to pay a toll "Cash in lieu of parkland" You can guess where the cash goes. It is not to parkland.
Cynical I am.

Daniella wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

Wish you luck. I do not trust most government actions until it has

yes I know. They already have passed the bill for the 2 years
moratory so they won't be able to do any construction or even toutch
the land for 2 years..that'S already a begining and it show the
intention of the government to go forward with that.


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