12 - 14 Bit Extreme Challenge!

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12 - 14 Bit Extreme Challenge!

Here's a little challenge to see how well people do determining whether the linked files are 12 or 14 bits. I've included two sets of tests that push the 12 & 14 bit files to the extremes to exaggerate the differences. The first set of files were underexposed by 3 stops and then pushed to the extreme of 4 stops. The second set of shots were overexposed by 3 stops and then pulled 4 stops. All adjustments were made using ACR 4.2, sharpness set to 0, black level 0, chroma noise set to 25, luminance 0. They were then exported and sharpened with 80 amount, 1 radius, 0 threshold in PS3 and saved as quality 11 jpgs. I've included links to the full files as well as an overview of the scene as shot for the under and overexposed photos.

You can click on an individual photo and then use the Download Photo link to download the full image, or you can click on the zoom in button (the little magnifying glass above and to the right of the photo).

So, the challenge is which are the 12 bit files and which are the 14 bit ones. Have fun!

Underexposed shots

As shot:

+4 EV:





Overexposed shots

As shot:

-4 EV:





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