Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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That's because...

Amin Sabet wrote:

The way noise and fine details are rendered by LR
at high ISO is just not pleasing to me.

...They are pretty manageable and, ultimately, allow to make very good prints, indeed. LR handles low-frequency noise, but leaves mid and high almost intact, between L=0 to 25, assuming you fine-tune sharpness accordingly.

The results are still a lot more organic-looking (and not detail-robbing) as they are in C1.

I will post further examples on this, with much more detailed images. In any case, FYI, I am anxiously waiting for C1 4.0, in order to see how much have we really advanced here.

I use C1 to
process high ISO 5D files all the time, and that doesn't look right
to me.

...I discovered this A LONG time ago, when playing with CHROMA noise-reduction on C1, and it actually KILLS Luma detail on the shadows. See yourself.

Stay tuned!

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