Nikon finally gets the noise down.

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Here you go (ISO3200 samples LR-vs-C1 3.7.7)...

...Left is Lightroom with custom calibration and maximum possible dynamic range (all withing Lightroom controls), and right is C1 3.7.7. All from 1D3 samples, and are particularly rich in LOW frequency detail and harshly lit, which is was intented in all purpose:

NR settings for LR where (L=20-25, Chroma=12-13), and C1 was (L=0, Chroma=10-12). Additional noise reduction in C1 is L-channel destructive.

Sharpening for LR was (20%,0.7,25,15-20), and for C1 was (0,50).

No further noise reduction nor anything else performed outside of each converter, in any form or shape, other than the vis-a-vis capture, and conversion from EIZO CG241W profiled monitor to sRGB (Eizo's space is almost AdobeRGB, upon closer examination of its profile in GamutVision).


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