NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: What's up with the color?

allnak wrote:

Open the "info" palette in PS and run your mouse over different parts
of the pic. You've got too much blue/magenta in the skin tones and
uniform. Also quite a bit of green/yellow going on with the woman in
the bleachers. Is this color coming from auto white balance or did
you try to balance it in PP?

I adjusted the color ever so slightly because of a mild yellowish cast from the vapor lighting. I manually set WB from a white card. Tough lighting. If anyone has any suggestions, please post. I'm all about learning to improve my results. This was my first outing in this situation with the D300. The lighting is all over the place (differetn from one spot to another) in this gym... brightest in the middle, darker on the goal ends and sides. You just do the best you can with it. It's a 40+ yr old gym with 40+ yr old lighting standards compared to the newer caves. The local news sport bug uses a flash whenever he decides to brave it. I rarely see him there.

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