NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

sayheywertz wrote:

This photo seems to demonstrate on of the DX sensor's biggest
weaknesses - the inability to produce shallow depth of field. This
shot would be so much better if the background pieces were more out
of focus. They are a distraction in this case (as in most sports
samples I have seen here). I have a D200 and 80-200 2.8, and I
experience this frustration all the time. It makes me look forward to
a more affordable FF DSLR.
Does anyone else have this issue?

Yes! But In my experience, it is limited to only super high ISO shots. It is no problem whatsoever in good light. This has not changed. You get the shallow DOF on the focus subject with 2.8, but yet BG seems to not be affected as it would in better conditions. I've got tons of good light sports action with busy BG's that I'm able to blur the background nicely at f4. Doesn't work in these caves. That's why I say, if you've never shot in these conditions, you really don't know how hard it is to get a shot like this. The D3 will more than likely change that, but it's out of my range at the moment.

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