NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

betterliving wrote:

Beau Long wrote:

betterliving wrote:

There is something odd about the skin tones.

Look at the white guys arms and notice the transitions. Look at the
face of the lady in the background, between the two BB players. Why
is it doing that?

What little light there is, is on the floor... she's sitting in the
shadowy sideline. This is a poorly lit gym. If you've ever shot in
one before, you'd know how hard it is to get a shot like this with no
strobes. The D200/30D couldn't do it this well. This is no Div I
arena here... more like an old high school gym with vapor lighting.
Pretty impressive for 3200 in this light.

Thanks for the details. How does the D300 compare with the Canon 30D?
I see you used one.

Night and day difference... 30D was a great camera. I liked certain aspects of the D200 better which is why I switched to it. The D300 easily trumps them both in these conditions noise and AF wise.

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