NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: I discuss technical details, you personally attack

snappey wrote:

So, even in this thread, I am disccusing the technical issues in the
thread and commenting on comparisons between the D300 and 40D.

Technical issues are that the shots you link to are in a substantially better lit Div I arena compared to the woefully vapor lit DivII gym. If you'll notice how fast the shutter speed untilized in those DI shots compared to mine, you'd realize the difference in lighting. I WISH I could've gotten 1/800 with 2.8 in Coker's gym... no way it was going to happen... even with 1.8. Even then, with the shallow DOF of the arena shots, you can still see DOF blur areas in the shot you linked to. My comment, that you so graciously linked, wasn't regarding DOF blur, it was the shots that were OOF totally... which I also commented that it was probably user error... not the camera. You're just here to stir the pot... that's all. Please go buy a camera and start using it instead of posting your inflammatory comments.

BTW-do you have permission from the bug to link those shots here?

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