NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Interesting set of blinders there, snappey

Funny that when confronted with obvious poor AI Servo performance (in terrific light, mind you) on the 40D, you claim to not even be able to see it... and you offer rationalization and excuses:

And here we have a nice sharp shot, with muscle texture and veins popping on the forehead (though, with some motion blur in places) and you say you see horrible softness.

In an earlier thread where someone dropped his D300 and a piece of plastic broke off but it continues to work fine, you claim that the build of the D300 is inferior... and you link to a Canon thread where someone dropped his 40D, got a slight dent, and was socked with a $650 repair bill from Canon service. Huh?

Do you really think anybody takes you seriously? Come on, really? Or are you trying intentionally to look silly?

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