D300 lens AF fine tuning is FANTASTIC!!!!!

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Thoughts on your thoughts...

dylanear wrote:

It's generally more useful on wide aperture lenses. Some of my
3.5-4.5 zooms had some benefit, but not much. It's the wide ap
1.4-2.8 lenses that seem to benefit and much more at close distances.

Think about that. It is in those situations that the DOF is getting thin and focus errors are much more noticeable. So of course it helps more there, because that is where it is needed. I should think it would be great for longer portrait lenses as well. Like the 135 f2 DC. (Although the defocus control might throw a wrench in the works.)

I think it's best to do the calibration near the closest focusing
distance for the most precision.

I think I'd also double check my most used focusig distance as well. Say for my 28-105, I'd want to check it at around 50-105mm in macro mode since that's where the bulk of that lenses use is.

The two downsides?? There's only 12 settings and I'd love to do each
and every lens I own.

Is it possible to save those settings using Camera Control or something? That would be very sweet indeed. Load your camera up with all the fine tune settings for the selection you are packing. Surely you don't carry them all 100% of the time.

And it doesn't work with the non CPU lens
settings, I guess since those won't AF anyway, but it would be nice
to adjust the focus dot on those. Thankfully my 50 1.2 seems to be
near accurate, I haven't tried my 24mm 2.0.

That would be nice. I have an 85 f1.4Ais that I think has focusing issues.

Can't wait!

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