NCAA DivII Basketball 3200

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Re: Agree, too much NR

Talkontar wrote:

I also think that there's way too much NR. It's very aggressive and
obvious even at this small size. This is not impressive behave of
d300, for sure. My d40 after NR looks visibly better in 1600 then
this photo, even in tough light and aggressive settings in RAW
conversion. This gives less then one step of ISO performance over my
cheapest and smallest camera. Not very good...
How did You set d300 NR? Did You use software for noise reduction?
Did You lighten picture or changed exposure in RAW conversion?

Thanks for the comments.

High ISO NR Normal- no NR in edit
JPEG- Lg Fine
Slight WB adjust in edit
Resized for post

That's it. It's a huge improvement from the D200 and the 30D I shot prior. You really need to have spent some time shooting in these gyms to appreciate. You wonder why you never see HS gym sport shots posted very much? It's a tough environment w/o strobes.

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