D300 lens AF fine tuning is FANTASTIC!!!!!

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Re: A few more thoughts.

dylanear wrote:

It's generally more useful on wide aperture lenses. Some of my
3.5-4.5 zooms had some benefit, but not much. It's the wide ap
1.4-2.8 lenses that seem to benefit and much more at close distances.
I think it's best to do the calibration near the closest focusing
distance for the most precision.

Does it require a different calibration on zoom lenses? I mean, if you own an 18-200 mm for example, and you adjust the AF accuracy at 18 mm, does it apply at 200 mm as well? I can imagine that on some zoom lenses, the lens will require calibration at one focal length, but be perfect at another focal length. If that's the case, then doing this AF calibration will fix the focus at one focal length, but ruin the perfect focusing you achieved at other focal lengths!

How about the effect of focusing at various focusing distances?

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