Minolta lens on a Canon (one photo)

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Re: The shots after your post are amazing.

If you're referring to the 600mm Minolta lens on my 5D, there's no chance of the mirror hitting the lens. On that lens, nothing protrudes past the mount. Mirror interference is apparently a problem with some lenses though. From what I've read, the problem is usually with some wide angle lenses.

I haven't adapted any wide angle lenses to my 5D yet but I probably will in the near future. I'm likely to be using M42 screw mount lenses and I doubt there will be any problem.

There are a lot of sites on the net that discuss adapting lenses to EOS bodies. Do a search on Google and also check out these sites:




Also, if you search the camera section on ebay you'll find tons of adapters.

Mashuga wrote:

Is there any chance of the 5D's mirror hitting or getting damaged
with that setup? I'm a new user of the 5D and have been cautioned
about mirror damage? Thanks!
Love the image and would like to get my hands on a long lens at an
affordable price.

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