Camera Rain gear, what do you use?

Started Nov 25, 2007 | Discussions thread
Dennis Phillips Senior Member • Posts: 1,475
Fotosharp Rain Cover

The Fotosharp rain cover is cheap, durable, and easy to use.

I use the 16" version because it keeps rain off my long telephotos, and I can get my hand inside to adjust zoom and focus. Scrunched small, it fits at the bottom of my camera case or in a pocket ready whenever I need it. There's an adjustable elastic ring that keeps the cover tight on the lens hood and another for around the camera-tripod end of the cover, although I usually keep that part open so I can use the viewfinder.

It's not for underwater use, but really works nicely in the rain.

I've used custom designed rain covers, but they're bulky, hard to put on, and difficult to use.

digitalshooter wrote:

Had a shoot in minor rain yesterday and found that a plastic bag
worked well but the only problem was zooming. So I though I would
ask each of you, what do you use? I want something that I can get
both hands under.


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