Note to Panasonic on the upcoming LX3

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Note to Panasonic on the upcoming LX3

Dear Panasonic Camera Designers and Engineers,

Your LX line of cameras have developed a cult following over the past few years. And since there is no doubt that you are already working on the LX3 I'd like to share with you a simple formula in how you maybe able to create not just a great new LX camera, but the most premier digicam on the market.

This may not be unanimous, but Canon G9 currently holds the title as the king of the digicams. But frankly there is no reason why Pana shouldn't be the holder of such a prestigious title. You pack your cameras with so many options, top it off with an excellent lens, that the title could easily belong to you if you follow these simple words of advice.

Plan on making your new LX3 as the best digicam on the market. How do you do that?


1- Match the image quality of Canon G9.
2- Match the focusing speed of the Sony H9.
3- Match the screen of the Sony T 200. (3.5" 16:9)

You'll have the best image quality, fastst focus and best screen of any other digicam on the market.

Set the MSRP for your new camera at US$499. And you got yourself a hit.

Please in the process of creating the best, don't destroy what makes your LX line so special. Start the zoom at 28mm, go to 200mm or close to it if possible. Don't provide a chip smaller than 1/1.7 or a MP less than 10. You won't be able to meet the demands if you deliver such a gem in our hands.

Thank you for your attention.

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