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Re: Multiple colours in Flash = Strange Shadows

chuxter wrote:

EricDP wrote:

Have you thought about how the penumbra will look with the
multi-coloured LEDs in the flash? My guess: cool on one side and warm
on the other - like bad chromatic aberration, only bigger and more
noticeable. Especially the closer the flash is to the subject.

If you look VERY closely, you can see that the model of the flash has
colored LEDs and you will notice that there is a reasonable degree of
random placement. At least, they are mixed up and the two wings have
mirror image LED placements.

In the picture I saw they don't look very random:

I'm wondering: is there a way to cluster them such that each cluster had one of each of the colours, and then put each cluster behind a diffuser to blend the colours better? Then you'd have a bunch of slightly larger white bubbles instead of a blue cluster on the outer wings, a yellow cluster in the middle, etc..

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