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Re: ergonomics

chuxter wrote:

Ominous wrote:

chuxter wrote:

BendOR wrote:

Thanks for making nose/face ergonomics #1. My biggest gripe by far
with DSLRs is that they are designed to block you from getting your
eye close enough to the viewfinder by having the camera back get in
the way of your nose.

That issue seems so obvious, it's amazing that somebody hasn't
addressed it in a real, production camera! Just last week, I spent
some time with a D300. My first reaction was that I had to turn my
face sideways to get close enough to the VF that I could see the
entire frame!

I know! I even have to raise my arms to bring the camera to my face!
What are they thinking!

I'm trying to picture a camera with a cut out on the left to allow
people to not have to turn their head slightly...I think it would
cause MUCH worse handeling than a slight turn of your head.

Unless your neck is in a brace...I see nothing wrong with the current
way you have to look into a view finder.

I think you should continue buying what you like and ignore what I am
doing. I don't think you are a potential customer of an EVIL camera,
which is OK.

Well said.

Healthy debate and constructive criticism should be welcome, but here is no purpose served by Ominous's constant bashing. It's quite sad actually.

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