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Re: I'd buy one ... BUT

I'm not a rocket scientist and I don't play one on tv, so my knowledge of sensors is limited. My assumption in understanding the argument for an anti-shutter shutter/ electronic shutter is to provide total darkness on the sensor. This is because the sensor is still powered and receiving information? What happens if you de-energize the sensor while all the other electronical whiz-bang stuff is happening? Does it take too long to power the sensor to a ready state? Can you not do dark-frame subtraction with nothing being input to the sensor? Maybe it's not turning off the sensor, but shifting the information input from the sensor to some other source when necessary. I'm just speculating here. Pardon my significant ignorance to the way technology currently works. This is part fantasy is it not?

As far as shutter speed and wanting to stop / blur motion why couldn't it just be symbolic? From three hourglasses (real slow) to 5 stop watches (super fast)....or it could be rabbits and turtles....I think you might be limiting yourself in terms of what might work the best to communicate information...and before mr Ominous equates my suggestion to the more simplistic idiot lights on p&s cameras, I think a paralell in design can be found in video game controllers. From the Atari joystick, to the Nintendo pad with two buttons, to the Wii controllers, there was a learning curve associated with each of these device which required an adaptation in the brain....and for older people that sort of mental gymnastics is always more challenging (think Monty Python "my brain hurts").

While you are trying to realize the next evolution of image capture technology, I would recommend freeing yourself from all previous design parameters create new ones. Be even bolder than you have been. Does it have to be a square? Do you ahve to hold it in your hands? Is Bluetooth too old of a technology? Are there information transfer capabilities limiting you? What could laser beams do? Is there any room for sharks with laser beams?

my $0.0000002950 worth.

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