D300 AF Fine Tune Feature examples

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SteveL54 Senior Member • Posts: 2,709
Re: My experience with AF fine tuning

Jerry Hamm wrote:

Have you by chance tried this adjustment with a long focus distance?
I'm a landscaper, so I'm interested to see if this works for near
infinity-focus with problem lenses.

No I haven't. Most of my subject matter is within twenty feet or so of the camera. However, I don't see why it would not help adjusting a lens for distant targets. I've demonstrated the converse -- that one can cause the lens to consistently front focus on distant subjects.

I haven't had the opportunity to get out with my 12-24mm Nikon since I aquired the D300. On my D70 it would front focus at the short focal lengths. The few times I tried it on a landscape setting I just manually focused using the distance scale.


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